Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette

Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette


  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp mirin
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • rice bran oil as needed


  1. Beat eggs well in a bowl. Add one tablespoon each of soy sauce, mirin and sugar and a little SIDS CRAZY SALT to the mix.
    Put a small amount of oil in your pan and bring it up to medium heat. Keep some kitchen roll handy to help keep the pan oiled during cooking. Add a small amount of your egg mix into the pan. Once the egg has cooked slightly so that the top is still slightly uncooked, push it over to the side of your pan.
    Add a little more oil to the pan using the kitchen roll and add another small amount of the egg mix to the pan. Again, wait for this to cook a little, but before it sets on top. Roll the first bit of egg over the mix you just put in the pan until you have a small roll of egg. Continue adding a small amount of egg while oiling the pan each time in between. As you add more egg and roll it up each time, your egg roll will start getting larger and easier to add new layers. Keep adding the egg in new layers until you have used it all up.
    The tamagoyaki is now finished so remove from the pan and wait to cool before using.

    Tip: After cooking, you can place the tamagoyaki in a sushi rolling mat and roll up tightly to get a solid roll. This is a good idea especially when you first start making tamagoyaki to make sure the roll is tight and easy to cut.
    Helpful Tips for Making Tamagoyaki: Do not worry about first few rolls. The inner rolls do not need to be neat at all, as you will keep rolling more layers on top. The first few rolls are the center of the tamagoyaki, so even if the layers are not perfectly lined up, do not worry!
    Do not skip oiling the pan. I know you want to use less oil. Me too! However, make sure you coat the pan with oil very well. You don’t want your egg mixture to stick on the pan – even for non-stick pan.
    Wait till the pan is completely heat up. Test the temperature of the pan with the small amount of the egg mixture. You need to see the egg sizzle to confirm the pan is hot enough.
    Don’t turn off the heat; instead move the pan away from the heat source. Keep your heat at medium heat all times. Thin omelette layer needs to be quickly rolled up before it’s completely cooked, so there is no time for you to adjust the heat. The best way to control the heat is to move the pan closer and away from the stove.
    Flip the omelette toward you while you lift up the pan. You need the upward motion to roll the heavy thick roll of omelette (toward the end).