Moroccan Sausage Scrolls

  • Ready in: 1 hour
  • Serves: 12
  • Complexity: very easy
  • kcal: 144
Moroccan Sausage Scrolls


  • 1 tbsp rice bran oil
  • 1 onion, fine chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 1 tbsp ground cumin
  • 2 tsp Moroccan seasoning
  • 1 carrot, peeled, grated
  • 600 g beef mince
  • 200 g sausage mince
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • ½ cup pine nuts, toasted
  • ¼ cup fine chopped mint
  • ¼ cup fine chopped coriander
  • 6 sheets puff pastry, partially thawed
  • Tuimato sauce, to serve


  1. Preheat oven to 220°C/200°C fan-forced. Grease 2 large baking trays.
    onion, garlic, cumin and seasoning until onion has softened. Add carrot. Cook, stirring, for 2 minutes until carrot softens. Transfer mixture to a sieve. Press down to drain. Cool for 10 minutes.
    Place onion mixture, beef mince, sausage mince, egg, pine nuts, mint and coriander in a bowl. Season with
    SIDS SALT & PEPPER. Stir to combine.
    Place 1 pastry sheet on bench. Spread one-sixth of mince mixture over pastry, leaving a 1 cm border at top and bottom edges. Roll pastry from bottom edge to form a scroll. Cut into 8 slices. Repeat with remaining pastry and mince mixture. Place on prepared trays and b
    ake for 25 minutes until golden and cooked through. Serve.